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This video takes the book The Goal and shows you how to put the concepts to work in your company.


Available in English, Spanish, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Hindi and Japanese

Key Training Points:

  • How to identify and deal with system bottlenecks
  • How to measure the impact and viability of new ideas
  • How to rally your team behind the improvement process
  • How to revisit the entire process to facilitate ongoing improvement
Like the outstanding and best-selling business book upon which it is based, The Goal Movie (on DVD or OnDemand through shares the inspiring story of Alex Rogo, who uses the principles of the Theory of Constraints like bottlenecks, throughput, and flow balancing to transform his mediocre division into a money-making machine. Alex and his team reject common ‘nonsense’ measurements and discover a commonsense, yet more effective approach to boosting the company’s bottom line.

The movie brilliantly explains with day to day examples the concepts that boost performance in productivity. An example is the one in which Alex takes his son and a group of Boy Scouts out on a hiking expedition. Here Alex faces and learns to properly deal with a bottleneck, in the form of the slowest boy called Herbie, to significantly improve the performance of the system. Alex then shows how he applied those principles to his manufacturing plant.

If you want to introduce the Five Focusing Steps, concepts of the Theory of Constraints, and their application to operations called Drum Buffer Rope, this is a painless way to do it.

The Goal Movie “How-to version” presents a very direct approach to “this is how you do it”.

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