What can the VIP membership give you?

  • Full access to TOC Conference videos available at TOC.tv
  • Access to the eBook (over 100 TOC eBooks) library available TOC-Goldratt.com
  • Download of ALL 4 sessions of the TOC Insights
  • Download of ALL 8 sessions of the TOC Self Learning Program
  • Exclusive & original programs presented by Dr. Eli Goldratt, like the GSP (Satellite) Series, the Strategy and Tactic (Webcast) Series, TOC Upgrade Sessions, etc.
  • Premium videos such as The Goal Movie, The Gestalt of TOC, The TOC Insider Series and more.
  • Access to new learning resources available in electronic format either online or download for your personal development & training needs
  • Exclusive 10% discount on ALL PURCHASES at www.TOC-Goldratt.com

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