Individualized Training to Significantly improve YOUR personal effectiveness – Special price for 2 or more participants from the same company

Don’t miss the opportunity and receive an Individualized Training to Significantly improve YOUR personal effectiveness.

The Goldratt Thinking Process Jonah Workshop will help you Emerge with clearly defined solutions to your problems.

It is divided in two blocks of 4 days each:

First 4 days:

  • Establishing expectations and choosing the subject matter.
  • Making the analysis of the current situation – Learning how to build a Current Reality Tree and the Core Cloud to answer the question “What to change?”
  • Finding the direction of the solution – Learning how to surface assumptions and finding the required changes.

Second 4 days:

  • Building the Future Reality – Learning how to build the Future Reality Tree and Negative Branches to answer the question “What to change to?”
  • Listing and overcoming obstacles to the implementation to answer the question “How to cause the change?”
  • Learning the basics of the Strategy & Tactic Tree as a communication and implementation tool.

Contact us so that we schedule a call and talk about how you can benefit from attending the workshop.

You can also reserve a seat right now!

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