The 10 TOC Reader Bestsellers

1. Theory of Constraints Handbook

In this authoritative volume, the world’s top Theory of Constraints (TOC) experts reveal how to implement the ground-breaking management and improvement methodology developed by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt. Theory of Constraints Handbook offers an in-depth examination of this revolutionary concept of bringing about global organizational performance improvement by focusing on a few leverage points of the system.

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2. Behind the Cloud – Enhancing logical thinking

The focus of this book is the Cloud. A well-constructed cloud can help in developing good solutions that lead to better performance of systems and better relationships among the people within the systems. The cloud looks simple and seems very logical. This is true when observing a well-constructed and sound cloud. However, to construct a good cloud is not that simple.

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3. Ever Improve: A guide to managing production the TOC way

Oded Cohen started his personal journey with TOC thirty years ago and has been an integral part of the development, teaching and implementation of the TOC methodology, solutions and implementation processes.

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4. Be Fast or Be Gone: Racing the Clock with Critical Chain Project Management

Mike Knight learns that his eight-year-old son Tim has a rare form of brain cancer. He makes the agonizing decision to quit his job and go to work for Altus Labs, a pharmaceutical company developing a possible treatment. Mike is in for the challenge of his life as he races against time to implement Critical Chain Project Management at Altus Labs.  

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5. Through Clouds To Solutions

The core of TOC is the use of the Thinking Processes for deciding where to focus and for developing the answers to the key questions for systematic improvements: stating the problem, the solution, the implementation plan, and how to conduct POOGI. The Thinking Processes of TOC have great potential. There is no question about their power and the benefits they can bring. However, it is also known that the level of TP usage by the TOC community and the effectiveness of the use are relatively low. 

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6. Distribution: The Shippers Supply Company Way

How and why the Company is building and benefitting from a decisive competitive edge. It goes further in deeply respecting and shaing a way to eliminate bad multitasking than seen anywhere else.  The book contains public links to Henry’s deep analysis of how commissioned sales forces have to change to become effective. More than that, it shows the core conflict of a company that has already applied TOC to build a competitive edge. This core conflict is generic, in that it applies to any company regardless of what type. The conflict is between acting efficiently versus acting effectively.

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7. Success…an Adventure

Written as a story, children can read the book as part of their regular reading assignments and then practice the tools with the guide included at the end of the book. Do not be surprised if you learn and use them too!

How about if a process existed that could enhance their thinking skills and also be used to enhance the learning of academic content? How about if that process is a replicable step-by-step procedure? And how about if that process is generic enough so that it can be used across the curriculum as well as in personal life? Would that be useful?

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8. Unblock the Power of Your Salesforce – It’s not the economy. It’s you!

This book is about sales and selling management with a system’s approach based on Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints. Goldratt, Dettmer and many others have shown for some time that enterprises are limited or blocked in reaching success by their constraints. Bill Woehr and Dieter Legat show with this book that these constraints become visible when the sales system meets the customer. These constraints have become the question of survival.

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9. Mistakes and Difficulties in Working with TOC Logical Tool

The TOC logical tools are a significant contribution to enhance the understanding of problems and provide a good base for finding and/or developing solutions. Nevertheless, in many cases those using the tools do not fully benefit from working with them because of mistakes and lack of clarity in the guidelines.

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10. Thinking Processes Including S&T Trees

What are the TP tools? Why are they so effective in analyzing business and personal problems? How is the application of logic, language, and structure brought together for penetrating analysis of problems and conflicts? How do the TP tools then help in laying out the transition from an undesirable present to a desirable future? How do they help protect a plan from unanticipitated pitfalls? How do they link together as an integrated system of logical capabilities for bringing about positive change?

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