Celebrating 15 years

We are very proud to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Goldratt Marketing.

In December 2000, after a very successful broadcast of the Goldratt Satellite Program (GSP Series) reaching over 11,000 people live around the globe, Dr. Eli Goldratt founded Goldratt’s Marketing to promote, distribute and sell the 8 GSP sessions.

Throughout the last 15 years, our organization has grown its offerings to a significant number of products containing the full body of knowledge of the Theory of Constraints. Today, Goldratt Marketing is making TOC knowledge readily available through various formats, languages, and channels. Anyone from any part of the world is able to access these vast learning resources through www.toc-goldratt.com and www.toc.tv.

We appreciate all those who have supported our efforts and continue to do so. As a big THANK YOU we are extending a very special offer of 15 days access ALL the learning resources available on TOC.tv for only 15.00.  We hope you take advantage of this opportunity and experience the depth and scope of the Theory of Constraints. Enjoy!
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