The Boundaries of TOC or What is “Not TOC”? by Eli Schragenheim

A colleague of mine, Alfonso Navarro, a TOC expert from Colombia, made the point that when people challenge a TOC methodology, offer substantial changes, or raise a new idea never discussed before, they get the response “This is not TOC!” Alfonso concern is that it forces people to keep their ideas and methods to themselves and refrain from sharing them.

Do we know what TOC is?

The main body of TOC is about managing human systems, which I prefer to call ‘organizations’.  I deal here only with TOC as an approach to managing organizations.  TOC, like any scientific area, is built from several key axioms.

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Introduction to TOC – My perspective

Dr. Goldratt, developer of the Theory of Constraints, presents the evolution of TOC: the whys and the hows. Through an historical perspective, using the chapter he wrote for the TOC Handbook, Dr. Goldratt provides refreshing insights on the escence of the TOC Body of Knowledge and its development. In this first part, he covers the topics of focus, constraints and non-constraints, measurements, and an introduction to the TOC applications called Drum-Buffer-Rope and Buffer Management.

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