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Meetings, damn meetings Engines of Disharmony #4 and #5

By Martin Powell Whether we talk about formal meetings, group discussions or informal ones where people just grab you and start on a subject matter, there is general consensus that we spend too much time in them. They are a … Continue reading

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Related videos of Bringing Harmony to your Company

The importance of the "soft-side" by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt (7 min) Dr. Goldratt shares his realization on the importance of the human relations in having an every-flourishing company. His experience in Japan revealed how TOC should not only be … Continue reading

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There is a ROADMAP for Removing disharmony, Capitalizing on Current Operations & Creating a Decisive Competitive Edge

Solution for Consumer Goods Setting the stage for a solution Keeping correct inventory levels Dealing with disruptions to flow that endanger availability Inventory turns selling Reaching a Viable Vision Checkout this program, click here » Solution for Project Management Setting … Continue reading

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Bringing passion and innovation Project execution in Bihar

by Boaz Ronen, Shimeon Pass, Shany Karmy (25 min)   With 55 cities Bihar is the fastest growing economy at 16.7%, but its urbanization achievement is far less than it should be. The government demands support for its urban development … Continue reading

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Do It Yourself Kit for achieving your project management and implementation goals

Are you faced with any of the following challenges? it is very difficult to meet the original completion date there are budget over-runs there are too many changes in many projects Projects involve many resources which have to carry out … Continue reading

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