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Introducing TOC.tv Prime…including new and exclusive videos at TOC.tv

Thinking Processes / New Frontiers Level of TOC knowledge: All Length: 28 min Introduction to TOC – My perspective Part 5 by Eli Goldratt Service / Information Technology Level of TOC knowledge: Intermediate, Advanced Length: 50 min Towards a framework … Continue reading

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20% discount on ANY of these two Programs

DETAILS The GST for Project Based Environments Dr. Goldratt delivers the know-how to implement the TOC solution for project based environments (Manufacturing of non-repetitive products, Product Development, Engineering, Construction) to create a decisive competitive edge. CLICK TO PURCHASE WITH A … Continue reading

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Implementing pull systems in a retail environment

The Road Less Travelled by Puneet Kulraj With slowdown in auto industry, the capacity utilisation for component vendors has dropped significantly. Most auto components companies are now looking at ways to increase sales from the "recession proof" Aftermarket. The article … Continue reading

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A TOC Solution for Production and Consumer Goods Environments – Special Offer

The three most important questions in improving an organization are: What to change? To what to change to? and How to cause the change? >>> INSIDE THIS PACKAGE YOU WILL FIND DOCUMENTED ANSWERS TO THE THIRD QUESTION. Level 4 & … Continue reading

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