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Putting the Bar on a Different Level

NEW Eli Goldratt Video! Never released before & Available NOW at TOC.tv The biggest revolution of TOC is not on operations and not on strategy but on teaching people to rely on the fact that they are brave and have … Continue reading

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Turn failure into success!

Build your Decisive Competitive Edge with 30% OFF Consumer Goods environments Right product, right place, right time…. ALL THE TIME! A comprehensive view of what and how to implement the TOC solution for moving from a Make to Stock (MTS) … Continue reading

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TOC Events on March 2014

IS IT POSSIBLE, IN JUST THREE DAYS, to learn a way of approaching your business that will change everything that you thought you knew about the results you could achieve? Creating the ever Flourishing Company March 24-26, 2014 | 8am-5pm … Continue reading

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How to Build, Capitalize & Sustain a Decisive Competitive Edge

Goldratt’s Strategy and Tactic Program Critical Chain Project Management – GST CCPM How to(c) implement! The Goldratt Strategy and Tactic Program shows how to focus on the few things that will create the biggest impact, and why, when and how … Continue reading

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Get fast results in today’s global and competitive environment

The Goldratt Satellite Program Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt exposes viewers to a comprehensive and holistic perspective of the TOC concepts which can improve the performance of the company and the tools to bring companies on a process of ongoing improvement. … Continue reading

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The ultimate TOC learning resource works on your Local Network

TOC Insights Client-Server Application The TOC Insights are considered the ultimate TOC learning resource because they provide an extensive explanation of the TOC analysis and approach for covering all aspects related to the logistics of your organization: managing operations, looking … Continue reading

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Can a manager really motivate others?

Engines of Disharmony An article by Martin Powell  Imagine that a manager offers two different team members a trip to an international sporting event if the project they are working on is delivered successfully. One of them changes the way … Continue reading

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Turn conventional assumptions upside down

1 day seminar using TOC to create an ever-flourishing Company The University of Tennessee and Goldratt Consulting Dates: 24 June 2013 Venue: The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Haslam Business Building Click here to Request more information ยป In just a … Continue reading

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Removing Engines of Disharmony in a Project Management Environment

Most people do not know and cannot clearly verbalize if what they are doing is essential to the organization. They also do not know how their peers are contributing to the organization. This leads to lack of motivation and lack … Continue reading

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Never say I know – Eli Goldratt’s latest development

  How Dr. Eli Goldratt chose what to present on the first two days at the TOCICO Annual Conference An excerpt from a lecture that was given by Eli on May 5, 2011, at the Goldratt House. “I asked myself … Continue reading

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