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Understanding TOC Concepts: Throughput

The concept of “Throughput” is not new. Nevertheless, its relevance was regained when presented in the book The Goal as one of the three simple accounting measurements that allow an organization determine if actions and decisions are getting it closer … Continue reading

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TOC Insights for iOS – All 4 sessions available

Learn the details of Theory of Constraints (TOC) concepts and principles in your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. How to get the most out of your operations without additional people or investment? Challenge the traditional way! This learning tool is … Continue reading

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TOC eBooks on Throughput Accounting

Traditional Measures in Finance and Accounting, Problems, Literature Review, and TOC Measures DETAILS & OPTIONS →   Resolving Measurement / Performance Dilemmas DETAILS & OPTIONS → The Conflicted Middle: Lean Accounting DETAILS & OPTIONS →   Management Dynamics: Merging Constraints … Continue reading

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Using Throughput Accounting for making decisions

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Learning the basis of Throughput Accounting

A Solution for Finance and Measurements Cost-accounting based measurements are devastating to the shop floor, marketing, sales and especially engineering. How to bridge the gap between the bottom line measurements (the P&L and the Balance Sheet) and the local measurements … Continue reading

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What is The Goal of a business?

What is The Goal of a business? | top  Learn from the inspiring story of Alex Rogo on DVD or (46 min) English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese Using the principles of the Theory of Constraints (TOC), Alex Rogo transforms his … Continue reading

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Special Package: The Basics of TOC & Finance and Measurements

Learning TOC principles to help drive change in your organization Necessary & Sufficient Basic overview of "What is TOC" An overview of TOC and its application to production, measurements, project management, distribution, information systems and technology. Goldratt reveals the management … Continue reading

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