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The World with Theory of Constraints (TOC)

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Theory of Constraints News

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TOC Weekly News

Is it easy to understand the Theory of Constraints, TOC?

Know your "constraints"
by Vector Consulting Group

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a plant manager on the subject of the Theory of Constraints. He claimed to know the subject well. "I practice it almost every day," he said."

It is nothing but fancy jargon for what is essentially common sense," he added with a wink. He knew he was talking to a TOC practitioner who had put in 15 years implementing the paradigm in different organizations.

Don't feel insulted, he seemed to say with the wink. To me, the comments were amusing; I had encountered the attitude before. "Can you please elaborate on how you practice it daily?" I asked. "Well I always identify the constraints, and remove them to improve the environment," he replied in a patronizing tone.

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Tools to understand the Theory of Constraints:
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Operations - DBR and Buffer Management
Finance & Measurements - T, I & OE and Throughput Accounting
Project Management & Engineering - Critical Chain (CCPM) and Product Development
Distribution & Supply-Chain - Pull System and Replenishment

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Boost performance in productivity

The Goal Movie

This video takes The Goal book and shows you how to put the theories to work in your company.

Based on the best-selling book by Eli Goldratt, The Goal tells the story of Alex Rogo, a plant manager facing the threat of his plant's closure. The video follows Alex and his team as they use the Theory of Constraints to transform their mediocre division.

Available on DVD and Online Viewing

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The Goldratt Strategy & Tactic

This GST solution gives the viewer the power to be able to take action towards implementation. As Strategy and Tactic was created to show all necessary steps along the process, it presents the implementation in a logical, common sense way such as found in The Goal.

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TOC Books

Management Dilemmas: The TOC Approach to Problem Identification and Solutions

Management Dilemmas: The TOC Approach to Problem Identification and Solutions

by Eli Schragenheim

An incredible ability awaits managers who practice Theory of Constraints (TOC) techniques: they can ...

Our Price: €54.95

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Alcan Alesa Technologies -  Execution Management for an Engineering Company

by Patrik Ernst

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Patrik Ernst and Rudy Keller present the results that Alcan Alesa Engineering Ltd. has achieved by implementing Critical Chain: increased the completed projects from 6.9 to 10 projects per year and 31% increase in throughput-dollars.
28 min, English
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