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The World of Theory of Constraints (TOC)      

TOC Necessary & Sufficient Series

For executives who:

  • want to know “what is the Theory of Constraints?”
  • are looking for common sense in management,
  • are searching for solutions in today’s global competitive environment,
  • are struggling and questioning the implementation of information systems such as ERP,

this will be the most important introduction series they will have experienced in years

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During this 10-session series, Dr. Eli Goldratt shows how today’s management assumptions and rules need to be changed, revealing what is necessary and sufficient to obtain impressive, long lasting bottom-line results and establish a foundation for future successes.

Dr. Goldratt challenges the role of software, the reason for technology, the underlying rules of logistics, supply chain, information systems and presents in a concise way the basis of the Theory of Constraints, as well as its implications when implementing TOC as a holistic approach for continuous improvement. One of the sessions, “The Offer”, is devoted to a revolutionary offer, where clients and technology providers establish a relationship based on true bottom-line results.


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Dr. Eli Goldratt reveals what is necessary and sufficient to get fast results in today’s bottom-line oriented economy and establish a foundation for future successes.
Language: English

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  • on (OnDemand high quality internet viewing)

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