TOC Insights

Created by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Avraham (Rami) Goldratt, the TOC Insights are an extensive explanation of the TOC analysis and solution covering all the aspects of logistics:

- Operations                                    - Finance & Measurements
- Project Mgmt & Engineering         - Distribution & Supply-Chain

These four sessions were developed in an interactive type presentation for self learning as well as group training. They contain examples, case studies and simulations, and

  • outline the details of all the logistical application of the Theory Of Constraints, but are as digestible as The Goal;
  • give the entire common sense logic, but are short;
  • are enticing to TOC novices, still an eye opener to TOC experts;
  • are self-learning materials which are also ideal for teaching groups.

Each session is organized to answer in sequence the following five questions:

Why to change?,   What needs to be changed?,   What to change it to?,   How to cause the required change? ,  and How to keep it as a Process of Ongoing Improvement (POOGI)?

The TOC Insights are NOW available in 12 languages: English, Spanish, Chinese(Traditional and Simplified), Czech, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Polish and Russian,

and in four different versions. Click on the one that most fits your needs:

Web Version - allows you to view the TOC Insights from the web (on our server) for a 90 day period starting from the day you access the session(s).

Downloadable Version - the downloadable version of TOC Insights allows you to download the files onto up to two computers for your personal use and viewing for unlimited time.

Client-Server Application - allows users to access the TOC Insights through a Local Area Network. The TOC Insights will reside on a local server and a "client" (user) will be able to access the session(s). Each client computer requires one non-concurrent license per TOC Insights session. The Client Server Application starts with 25 licenses for one session or for each of the 4 sessions. An unlimited number of licenses can be made available.

Unlimited Web Access - the unlimited web access allows a company to view the TOC Insights from the web (on our server) for unlimited users (associates) for one year.


The TOC Insights Excerpts are available for you to judge their quality and scope.