Privacy Statement

This Privacy Policy applies to all processing of your information by or on behalf of Goldratt Marketing (GMG).

What personal data does GMG process?

Within the framework of providing you with its services, selling you its products and services, or allowing you to contact GMG for any other reason, GMG records such data as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, personal Theory of Constraints (TOC) preferences and interests. GMG uses your data for executing contracts, for providing services, and for informing customers, prospective customers and visitors to the GMG websites about the activities, products and services of GMG and its partners or affiliates. One way GMG uses your personal data for your convenience is to consider your TOC preferences and interests and to develop new services and products. Sometimes, GMG issues surveys or holds contests and/or competitions in which customers, prospective customers and/or visitors to the websites are approached to participate.

What if you do not wish to receive any information?

If you would rather not receive any information about the activities, products and services of GMG, you can indicate this by letting GMG know using GMG’s unsubscribe features created to this effect. (Please refer to the next section in regard to applying for and discontinuing e-mail services.)

E-mail services

Providing electronic services is important to GMG, particularly because these e-services offer customers, prospective customers and website visitors quick and convenient access to information. When you subscribe to receiving such communications as GMG’s electronic newsletter, you are giving GMG and its partners and affiliates permission to use your e-mail address for sending you the newsletters, information partners, and other mail such as surveys and news about special offers.

If you no longer wish to receive information via e-mail, you can click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each e-newsletter, or at GMG’s web sites.

False e-mails

If you received an e-mail that looks from GMG, but that you feel it is an attempt to retrieve your personal information (also known as phishing) or infect your computer, please let GMG know immediately. Such messages you can recognize by:

We recommend not responding to this e-mail, to not click on any links or open any attachments and to provide no personal information. Please forward the e-mail to us via:

Please note that we will not reply to messages sent to this address.

The GMG websites’ registration of clicking behavior

At the GMG websites, general visiting data such as the most commonly requested pages is recorded. The purpose of this information gathering is to make the GMG websites as convenient as possible in regard to the needs of its visitors. This data can also be used to place information which is better geared to the needs of visitors on the website. In this way, GMG can continue to improve its lending of services and products.

The GMG websites’ use of cookies/applets

In offering its services, GMG makes use of cookies/applets. These are compact pieces of information stored on the hard drive of your computer. GMG uses both temporary cookies and special cookies/applets.

Temporary cookies contain no personal data and are intended only to make it easier for you to use the GMG sites. Once special cookies/applets have been stored in your computer, our website can identify you each time you return to the GMG sites. With this information, the site can be designed especially to meet your needs – and to make our sites nicer to use. Even if you have switched off the use of cookies/applets in your browser, you can still visit most of the elements in the GMG websites. For more information, please read our cookies policy.

What security measures does GMG take?

GMG is doing everything possible to safeguard your personal data from wrongful use. Only authorized personnel have access to your data.

Fraud prevention

To prevent fraud in the purchasing of products or services, GMG checks the accuracy of the information provided for all payment transactions. This may entail the use of an international fraud detection system. This will only be used to prevent and combat payment and identity fraud during the purchasing of products or services.

Links to other sites

Certain pages on the GMG sites have links to the websites of other companies. Because GMG cannot be responsible for how these companies handle personal data, you are advised to read the policy (or statements) of these non-GMG sites carefully in regard to how they process and protect personal data since the conditions offered by these sites may not be the same as those offered by GMG.


For questions, remarks or complaints about the protection of your personal data by GMG please send us an email to and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you would like to view your personal data, have this corrected or would like to lodge an objection against the use of your personal data by GMG, then you may send your written response, accompanied by a copy of your proof of identity, to:

Goldratt Marketing Group
PO Box 334
Hamburg NY 14075


GMG reserves the right to revise its privacy policy from time to time. For this reason, please check regularly for the most recent version of GMG’s privacy policy.
This version was drawn up on July 30th, 2014.