Lean Project Management, Eight Principles for Success

Lawrence Leach



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234 pages

Designed for:

Consultants, Implementers, Managers and Project Managers


Project Management


Buffer Management and Critical Chain




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Lean Project Management takes a practical approach with simple steps to show you how to complete projects in half the time, all the time with the improved method of Critical Chain Project Management.

Written for project managers taking on more challenging projects, or wanting to complete projects faster and with less team stress, Lean Project Management helps identify and deploy the key steps to project success. Learn the secrets that project experts have used to successfully deliver projects.

Lean Project Management builds on the understanding that no other project has been or will be exactly the same as the one you are running now or preparing to run. Focus on what matters most for your unique projects and project environment.

Benefits of the Lean Project Management approach include:

  • More successful projects (satisfied customers and project team, full-scope, on-time, under-budget).
  • Faster project completion.
  • Simple project status.
  • Reduced unnecessary project paperwork.
  • Clear signals on when to take action on the project.
  • Reduced pressure on project team members.
  • Reduction of the waste that causes project delays: Multi-tasking, Queuing, Student Syndrome, Parkinson\'s law.


  • Principle one: Project system
  • Principle two: Leading people
  • Principle three: Chartering
  • Principle four: Right solution
  • Principle five: Managing variation
  • Principle six: Project risk management
  • Principle seven: Project plan
  • Principle eight: Executing

Larry Leach weaves his practical experience with the Project Management Book, Lean, TOC and Critical Chain to present useful and useable project management methods. If you are not familiar with these, this book is a good introduction them all. The book is short, readable and cheap. Leach's strength is in synthesizing the best of each of these methods into a whole that progresses through Eight Principles. It has many examples.