Constraint management within manufacturing: Optimising the global supply chain

Ted Hutchin

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Level of TOC knowledge acquired:

Introductory and Intermediate


192 pages

Designed for:

Consultants, Managers and Shop Floor workers


Change Management/Buy-In, Operations/Production and Supply Chain


Buffer Management and Drum-Buffer-Rope




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Focusing on making money out of the supply chain, this book describes how to successfully manage manufacturing companies in today\\\\\\\'s global context. The text explores how constraint management, with roots in the Theory of Constraints, produces wealth through the development of manufacturers\\\\\\\' strengths.

Constraint Management in Manufacturing: Optimizing the Global Supply Chain is for both practitioners and researchers alike. It is an instructional tool for anyone teaching operations management and related subjects, and is a valuable guide for those striving to improve the performance of their own companies.

The text draws on the author\\\\\\\'s own experiences implementing constraint management within UK manufacturing, using case studies to highlight the key issues that enhance bottom-line performance. It examines the role of new product development, production, distribution, team development, and the strategic focus required to turn the supply chain/revenue chain into a true value stream for any company.


  • Understanding the pressure to succeed
  • The revenue chain and the impact it has
  • The full enterprise analysis methodology
  • Managing new product development
  • Managing production
  • Getting the product to the customer
  • The strategic importance of managing change
  • Pulling it all together: Gaining a true enterprise focus