The Goldratt Strategy and Tactic Program on moving from Make to Stock (MTS) to Make to Availability (MTA) – a decisive competitive edge

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt



Level of TOC knowledge acquired:



5 hrs. in five 1hr sessions

Designed for:

Consultants, Executives, Implementers, Leaders, Managers and Business owners


Decisive Competitive Edge (DCE), Distribution, Ever-flourishing, Operations/Production, Strategy and Tactics and Supply Chain


Automotive, Consumer Products, Logistics, Manufacturing and Retail


Drum-Buffer-Rope, Make to availability, Pull System/Replenishment, Strategy & Tactic Tree and Buffer Management


English and Spanish


Online (, DVD and Download




A comprehensive view of what and how to implement the TOC solution for moving from a Make to Stock (MTS) to a Make to Availability (MTA) environment.

Right product, right place, right time....ALL THE TIME? The Goldratt Strategy & Tactic for Make-to-Availability (MTA) provides make-to-stock (MTS) companies with a ROADMAP to get there... in a short period of time, with minimal effort and almost no risk.

Whereas the MTS is regarded as push-type production and end products are sold from inventory, the MTA environment does not rely on replenishment to a forecast. The MTA solution aims to reduce shortages and provide the reliability of fast response time without the burden of surplus inventory, thus protecting cash flow without compromising sales. A significant increase in sales and freed up capacity. A truly Decisive Competitive Edge.

The MTA solution does not require drastic change to implement. The Strategy and Tactic was created to show all necessary steps (what, how, why and in which sequence) to take immediate action and get long-lasting results by building exceptional operational performance, properly selling the achieved performance, and by preparing for and maintaining the resulting growth.

The MTA solution does not require drastic change to implement. Dr. Eli Goldratt takes you through the necessary steps (what, how, why and in which sequence) to understand, intuit and fully experience the Strategy and Tactic tool to move from Make to Stock (MTS) to Make to Availability (MTA).

The Single User License is ideal:

  • For individual review and understanding of the S&T as applied to any Consumer Goods based environment.
  • As a self learning tool to understand the what, how, why and when of each implementation element.
  • For learning at one's own speed.
  • To easily review the material, as needed.
  • To prepare for TOC certification

The Company License is ideal:

  • For group education and understanding of the what, how, why and when of each implementation step.
  • To communicate and synchronize required implementation actions at all levels and across functions.
  • To gain consensus and buy-in from all stakeholders required to bring the company to ever flourishing.
  • As a step-by-step implementation guide.
  • As a reference for implementation progress and deviation identification.


- The Goldratt Strategy and Tactic Program was formerly called the Goldratt Webcast Series -

Setting the stage for a solution

  • Defining the Decisive Competitive Edge
  • Can we change the mode of operation?
  • Sustaining the growth is the real challenge
  • Aligning production to actual demand

Keeping correct inventory levels

  • Aligning production to actual demand
  • Replenishing to Regional Distribution Centers
  • Keeping correct inventory levels


Dealing with disruptions to flow

  • Localized disruptions
  • Disruptions that endanger high availability
  • Results obtained with the changes implemented


Inventory turns selling

  • Do we already have a Decisive Competitive Edge?
  • Target market definition
  • Offer design
  • Sales execution
  • Sales process design

Reaching a Viable Vision

  • The company is able to provide excellent availability
  • Sales process design
  • Providing superior service to clients
  • Expanding business
  • Monitoring capacity
  • Supporting new expansion
  • Expanding capacity
  • Having a very strong company
  • Starting to capitalize on other major needs of the client


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Multiple Users,
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