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is a Strategy & Tactic Expert System, developed by Goldratt Research Labs, which can be used by experts and novices alike to capitalize on a breakthrough by Dr. Eli Goldratt in the design, validation and communication of Market focused Business Growth Strategies.

Harmony is a simple, easy and fast software tool to enable Managers and Theory of Constraints experts to Design and Communicate a Strategy & Tactic (S&T) Tree for organizations, to effectively and efficiently Plan the implementation of the Strategies and Tactics as well as to Monitor and effectively Manage the implementation of their S&T Tree (Execution Management).

Harmony is made up of 5 integrated modules that covers S&T Design, Validation, Planning, Execution and achieving a Process of Ongoing Improvement (POOGI).
Harmony is available as a subscription for either 6 or 12 months and can be renewed automatically at a special 20% savings off the regular subscription price. One week before your subscription period ends and as part of the automatic subscription renewal, you will receive an email message from us confirming your renewal date at the special reduced 20% subscription fee.

You may cancel your subscription at anytime BEFORE the renewal date and nothing will be charged to your credit card. If the cancellation is made within 10 days of the renewal date, you will receive a refund for the subscription amount less a 10% service charge. AFTER 10 days, the charge is non-refundable.
To ensure Harmony remains simple and easy to use by both experts and novices alike, new developments are focused on adding only those features which our growing base of Harmony Beta users have indicated as critical within the design, communication, planning and or execution management of S&Ts within their or their customer’s organizations. In response to these requests, the new version of Harmony include:

Strategy & Tactic Design
  • Multi-language Display and Printing Support
    • Multi-Language & Character Displaythe new version of Harmony can now support display of Asian language characters such as Japanese etc.
    • Multi-Language & Character Printing – the new version of Harmony also supports printing of Asian language characters such as Japanese etc.
  • New Global User Preferences for:
    • Hyperlink Icon – the new version of Harmony now gives users the option to show which S&T nodes on an S&T tree contain hyperlinks using Paperclip icon on nodes within S&T Tree view that have hyperlinks. Once opened, a part of an S&T node (e.g. The Strategy) with a hyperlink will have their hyperlink icon colored red.
    • S&T Tree View Title Fonts -  users can now change the global font using File/Preferences for titles showed in all S&T Tree views to match your computer’s resolution or display requirements.
    • S&T Node View Fonts – users can now also change global fonts used for S&T node Number, Title and Text which mean you can set font sizes for Assumptions different to those for Strategy & Tactics.
    • S&T Node View Customized Text – users can now replace the default S&T node titles with customized text or text in their own language e.g. rather than “Necessary Assumption” the user can specify that Harmony displays “Why needed?” or can specify that Harmony displays the Japanese translation of “Necessary Assumption” in the S&T node view.
    • Text Re-Sizing – users can now easily resize text within an S&T node by just clicking on the text resizing icons included in the right hand icon bar. If no text is selected, all the text in that block is resized (e.g. All the text in the “Necessary Assumption” block will be resized). If specific parts of the text is selected (e.g. A note), only that text is resized when the user clicks on the text resizing icons.
  • Multiple Language Spell Checker and Dictionaries
    • Standard Dictionaries – users can select from 6 standard dictionaries which include English (US), English (British), Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Spanish.
    • Additional Dictionaries – users can easily download and activate additional dictionaries that include dictionaries for Afrikaans, English (Australian), Bulgarian, Catalan,  Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French,  Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Legal (English), Medical (English) Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Scientific (English), Spanish and Swedish
    • Dynamic (In Context) Spell Checking – as users would expect from an text editor, the new version of Harmony will check spelling while users are typing in the dictionary language selected (misspelling are shown with red underlining) and the Spell Checker will also display a list of recommendations for correction on right click

Strategy & Tactic Validation

    • Dynamic Text Resizing – users can now use the Text resizing icons to modify the size of text while in full-screen viewing mode of a specific S&T node to resize text to fit to a specific screen size etc.
    • S&T Export to Excel – users can now select to export all or only selected details from the S&T into Excel in a “work-breakdown-structure” format including all the Strategy and Tactic planning details that were specified within Harmony such as Strategy & Tactic owners, Task Participants, Time to achieve the Strategy and Time to Implement the Tactic, Actual progress, Check Lists, “Waiting for” and “Recovery Plan”
    • Display of S&T Tree in Full Screen mode – while validating an S&T with key stakeholders, the presenter can now select “Full Screen” or F11 to display the S&T in full screen mode from where specific S&T nodes can be opened for validation. The presenter can also “zoom-in” and “zoom-out” of the S&T using a Zoom Slider that appears in the bottom right-hand corner in “Full-screen” mode.
    • Printing of S&T Tree – users can now also select to print out both the complete or selected parts of the S&T Tree as well as the descriptions of the Necessary assumptions, Strategy, Parallel Assumptions, Tactic and Sufficiency Assumptions for each S&T node (one per page)

 Strategy & Tactic Planning & Execution

    • New Strategy Management Functionality – the new version of Harmony allows users to assign multiple Strategy Owners to a specific Strategy in a S&T node (e.g. For larger organizations where the same Strategy has to be achieved within a number of business units). For each Strategy Owner, users can, during the Planning phase, define different Strategy Measurements, Targets, Baselines and “Estimated time to achieve” as well as different buffer status settings (when a strategy should turn “red”)
    • Tactic Management Functionality – the new version of Harmony allows users to assign multiple Tactic Owners (Task Managers) to a specific Tactic in a S&T node (e.g. For larger organizations where the same Tactic has to be implemented within a number of business units). For each Tactic Owner, users can, during the Planning phase, define different Task Participants, Pre-requisites, Check Lists,  “Estimated Time to implement”, as well as  different buffer status settings (when a tactic should turn “red”)
    • Active Buffer Management – the new version of Harmony allows users to capture “Waiting for?” and “Recovery Plan” details to keep Strategy Owners informed of the current status of implementation, what are causing delays and what is being done to recover the time lost.

We hope you enjoy the new upgrade and look forward to your comments or suggestions for future improvements. Please send any comments or suggestions to Dr Alan Barnard at alan@goldrattresearchlabs.com


- used to view generic S&Ts from the included S&T library or any S&Ts developed with Harmony. Click here to download Viewer Version 9.13.5!
- used to develop, validate and communicate S&Ts either from scratch or from copying and modifying generic S&Ts available from the S&T library consisting of developed S&Ts. Click here to download Developer Version 9.13.5!
- used to plan the implementation of a S&T as well as to update implementation status and monitor the execution status of an S&T. Click here to download Implementer Version 9.13.5!