The Billion Dollar Solution: Secrets of Prochain Project Management

Robert C. Newbold



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302 pages

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Consultants, Executives, Implementers, Managers and Project Managers


Project Management


Buffer Management and Critical Chain




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Every day, corporations waste huge amounts of money through ineffective and unreliable management practices. In The Billion Dollar Solution, Rob Newbold has finally lifted the veil on ProChain Project Management, the project management approach that ProChain Solutions has been quietly implementing for more than a decade in some of the best-known companies in the world.

Through clear, concise descriptions of needed tools and measurements along with frequent real-world examples, you’ll see how your company can dramatically improve the management of projects and resources. You’ll discover how you can elevate reliability, speed, and productivity in order to keep the wasted billions for the bottom line.

You’ll learn about critical chain project scheduling, change management, and the other tools and processes needed to drive excellence. And you’ll understand the practical reality of the solution through the extended story of Imventure, a pharmaceutical company drawn from real ProChain examples.

You will learn how to Realize the Vision of dramatic project improvement by:

  • Activating Guiding Principles that set you apart from your competitors
  • Changing Behaviors so your people can be more effective and productive
  • Employing the Right Tools to make the changes stick
  • Reshaping Processes to fit the new tools and behaviors into your organization

Throughout the book the principles are discussed in a composite case study, a fictional company called Imventure. In Part One Newbold discusses principles like Ownership, Leverage Priorities, Status Updates, Planning and Uncertainty. The second part of the book gets into tools, behaviors and processes: critical chain scheduling, buffers, building networks, and an intro to multi-project scheduling. Part Three is on Achieving the Vision.