The Right Choice - Using Theory of Constraints for Effective Leadership

Ted Hutchin



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176 pages

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Business owners, Consultants, Implementers and Leaders


Management Skills


Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Consumer Products, Education, Healthcare, Information Technology / Telecommunications, Logistics, Manufacturing, Public sector, Retail and Services


Evaporating Cloud




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The need for competent leadership remains one of the most pressing issues facing organizations. Introducing a powerful technique to help readers become better decision makers, The Right Choice: Using Theory of Constraints for Effective Leadership supplies the understanding required to manage effectively well into the future through the use of the coaching cycle and the reflection process.

Using case studies, the book explains how to create a leadership culture at the organizational, team, and individual levels through the development of the flight crew, as well as how to link that to effective strategies and tactics in leading the organization forward.

The case studies illustrate what leaders have actually done, what they’ve struggled with, and the importance of understanding causal relationships. Emphasizing the importance of consequences when making choices, the book reflects the author\\\\\\\'s vast experience with companies across a range of industries. It explains how to resolve conflicts and restore relationships through the use of time-tested tools, in particular, the cloud technique from the Theory of Constraints Thinking Processes.

The book details a practical methodology that you can use in various situations. Through the use of the coaching cycle and the coaching quadrant, it provides a solid platform for any leader wishing to take their organization forward. The tools and methods described in this book will help you become a leader who engages with the people in your organization and allows them to choose to engage rather than be forced.


  • Setting the scene
  • Some thoughts on leadership
  • Gaining consensus on the problem
  • Case studies to help us
  • Leading the team
  • Focusing on "knowing myself" as a core aspect of leadership
  • Making it happen - or not
  • Drawing it all together