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There is a wealth of information available about the Theory of Constraints (TOC), but it is not always easy to find... it could be in an article, book, reference, case study, presentation, etc... and furthermore, there are real obstacles of availability and cost. We are pleased to offer a solution with the release of the new TOC Reader.


With the new TOC Player Forget about depending on internet connection to view videos online, or having to ship CDs/DVDs and then carry physical products around with you. Now you can download TOC videos immediately and watch at your convenience while you are on a train, airplane, or wherever you'd like!


To access your content please follow these simple steps:


Step 1. Install on PC or mobile

You can install the App on your devices or launch the Web App directly from your web browser for online reading, please select your desired platform:


TOC Reader for your platform:


TOC Player for your platform:


STEP 2: Explore your Dashboard

Launch the new TOC Reader/Player and sign in using your TOC-Goldratt credentials 

To reset the password, please go to:

STEP 3: Select and sync your content

After a successful login, the dashboard will display the list of your available or purchased content.


If you do not see the desired eBook or video on the list, then make sure that you have logged in with the proper credentials. You will NOT be able to see and access the content, if you purchased the eBook or video using a different set of credentials.

Select the title of the eBook and click on “Save to device”.
Read and accept the license agreement to start the process of “downloading”
 the eBook on your device. Wait until the download has been completed. The synchronization/download process may take several minutes depending on the size of the eBook and your internet connection. Synchronization is required only once per eBook.



Removing the eBook or video from the device will require you to perform this full step for the eBook again.


Important (please read):
You MUST have an internet connection to allow the application to SYNC your eBook with your device. Once the content has been fully synchronized, you will be able to open it even without an internet connection. Nevertheless, verification of your access permissions will occur once per month per material. The verification process requires an internet connection.


STEP 4: Start reading / Start viewing

TOC Reader: When the synchronization completes, the eBook will be displayed.

TOC Player: After the synchronization is completed, a button will be displayed. Click to start the video.


NOTE: If after a successful synchronization you are required to sync again, then please close the app, open and login again. You will now be able to open the eBook/video without synchronizing again.

If you have any questions or experience technical difficulties, please contact us through the support link or by email


* There is no charge to download and install the TOC Reader. However, the TOC Reader can be used for viewing free, paid, or member Materials.

* There is no charge to download and install the TOC Player. The TOC videos download option is made available with paid viewing or membership.