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Your BASIC MEMBERSHIP to gives you access to TOC knowledge with huge benefits:

  • Access any of the TOC Conference & Webinar videos on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    on internet video streaming.

  • TOC Conferences & Webinars include presentations from renowned experts and TOC Practitioners from around the world.

  • The POWERFUL search menu helps you find the right videos to fit your needs.

  • The Video PROFILES and DESCRIPTIONS help you choose what to view.

  • EVERY video has an EXCERPT to evaluate the content BEFORE you spend your precious time watching the complete video.


Guaranteed Flexible and Simple!

  • Your membership rate is guaranteed. Once you have become a member, your rate is locked in and it will NOT increase

  • Hassle and risk free – you may cancel your membership renewal at anytime!

  • If needed, you can Upgrade to view Premium Videos
    ANY TIME for a low membership fee! 

is the most comprehensive video resource of TOC knowledge available for any individual or organization around the globe through the world wide web.

Viewing is provided on a pay-per-view basis or through a monthly or annual membership of FULL or BASIC Access to

BASIC Access is a Monthly or Annual Membership to which includes a constant growing library of hundreds of videos.

BASIC Access includes substantial & NEW knowledge and developments from the TOC Community, TOC Conference & Webinar presentations:

  • Project Flow
  • TOC International Certification Conference (TOCICO)
  • Sales Process Webinars
  • Goldratt Group Implementation Webinars (coming soon) - exclusive webinars presenting
  • Viable Vision implementation learnings
  • Other various Conferences & Webinars

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Video presentations are available in English. Additional languages include Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Russian and Hindi.

Becoming a member of gives you access to hundreds of video presentations
sharing knowledge, case studies, implementation learnings, testimonials and new developments for the following topics and industries:

• Operations / Production • Finance and Measurements • Project Management • Supply Chain Management • Marketing and Sales • Strategy and Tactics • Thinking Processes • Personal development
• Manufacturing • Consumer Goods • Multi-project Environments • Service Industry • Construction Industry • Health Care • Automotive Industry • Government and NGOs • and more...


What are the restrictions on use?

The individual viewing is unlimited for the ONE concurrent access. Your video access will not be available if two computers are logged in at the same time with the same login name. Click here to read the Licensing Terms & Conditions for

What is the term of the membership?

Once your membership starts, you may continue the membership for as many CONSECUTIVE months as needed. You may also cancel renewal at anytime. However, once the membership is canceled, then the special rate is no longer available, and if you want to purchase Basic access to TOC.TV, it would be done at the going membership rate at that time.

Can I subscribe at any time?

Yes, but this SPECIAL promotion is only for a LIMITED TIME.

What videos are included in the BASIC Mambership?

You will be able to view the TOC Conference & Webinar videos available on

How does the membership and payment work?

Once you have placed your order, your payment will be processed. Payment can be made by credit card, bank transfer or USD check. Every month, the membership will be renewed and its payment will be charged by credit card automatically 5 days before the monthly viewing ends, unless canceled before that. Bank transfer and check payment must be received 5 days before viewing ends in order to be processed and for continued viewing. Once the payment has been processed, you will receive an Email notification with the access details.

How do I cancel my membership?

Request for cancellation of renewal must be received 5 days before the monthly membership period ends. Requests received after that will be applied to the following month's renewal. To request a cancellation to your membership renewal, please go to:

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Basic membership 
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Only 19.00* per month
228.00 199.00* per year
* The individual membership is for unlimited viewing for the ONE concurrent access.

Membership Terms and Conditions:

  • Your purchase of a BASIC ACCESS membership to provides you with access to TOC Conference & Webinar videos available on during the membership period. Your membership starts at the moment the purchase has been successfully processed.
  • The purchase is a monthly or annual membership with automatic renewal. Renewal can be cancelled at anytime.
  • Once membership starts, user may continue the membership for as many CONSECUTIVE months as needed. Once the membership is cancelled the rate for a new membership would be offered at the going membership rate at that time.
  • A request for cancellation of renewal must be received 5 days before the monthly membership ends. If a request is received after 5 days, it will be applied to the following month's renewal. To request a cancellation of your membership renewal click here.
  • Viewing is unlimited within the membership period for ONE concurrent access for the individual purchasing the membership.
  • Access to videos on is given under its License Terms and Conditions. Click here to read and review the Licensing Terms and Conditions for access.


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