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Original Goldratt Programs and Series

Goldratt's Strategy & Tactic Series
- building and sustaining a decisive competitive edge

GSP Series
- what you need to know about TOC and its applications

The Necessary and Sufficient Series
- including The basic assumptions of TOC, The power of Technology and A look into each TOC Application

Goldratt Group implementation webinars (coming soon)

exclusive webinars presenting Viable Vision implementation learnings only available for Subscribers

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  • Find easily from 500 videos the ones that best suit your needs
  • Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
    Programs and Series

  • Includes access to the TOC Insights

  • Every video with a detailed description, classification and a short excerpt

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Wide range of Training resources

The Goal Movie

- the how to version

The Gestalt of TOC
- understanding “the whole of” TOC to be ever-flourishing

The TOC Insights
- operations, finance and measurements, project management, distribution and supply chain

TOC Conference presentations
- including Project Flow, TOCICO and more...

A constant growing library of videos

including presentations from Dr. Goldratt never released to the public before exclusive pre-release for Subscribers
is video portal that has been designed to make TOC knowledge readily available to any individual or organization around the globe through the world wide web.

Featured videos

The Goal Movie 
- the how to version
Goldratt's Strategy & Tactic Programs
- building and sustaining a decisive competitive edge
GSP Series
 - what you need to know about TOC and its applications
TOC Conference presentations
 - including TOCICO, Project Flow, and more...
Goldratt Explains -
exclusive presentations by Dr. Goldratt only available for Subscribers

Video presentations are available in English. Additional languages include Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Russian and Hindi.

Subscribing to gives you access to over 400 video presentations
sharing knowledge, case studies, implementation learnings, testimonials and new developments for the following topics and industries:

• Finance and Measurements • Operations / Production • Project Management • Supply Chain Management • Marketing and Sales • Strategy and Tactics • Thinking Processes • Personal development
• Manufacturing • Consumer Goods • Multi-project Environments • Service Industry • Construction Industry • Health Care • Automotive Industry • Government and NGOs • and more...

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