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Self learning program is 2:45 hrs. Yani's Goal length depends on the time it takes for people to go through the content

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Academics, Children, Consultants and Implementers


Thinking Processes


Evaporating Cloud and Pre-requisite Tree / IO Map




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Helps improve thinking skills and behavior for children

Yani's Goal (Software PC CD-ROM) presents a series of unique "thinking tools" for primary school children
. Taught through a highly engaging story.

Yani's Goal is an adventure story in which Yani encounters several difficulties.

With the aid of new friends, Yani learns how to question and think through problems on his own using the thinking processes of the Theory of Constraints.

Yani learns to make decisions and resolve conflicts with the Cloud.

He learns to think about consequences with the Branch and he learns to accomplish big goals with the Ambitious Target.

Yani also learns that the best way to teach others is by asking questions that guide them to their best thinking.

Give children the skill to:

  • Define problems and create thoughtful solutions

  • Set their own goals and develop a logical plan for achieving them

  • Make reasoned judgements and decisions

  • Analyse curriculum topics in greater depth

And also:

  • Resolve conflicts

  • Predict the outcome of their own actions, and know how to control their own behaviour

  • These are skills that will last children a lifetime, and skills that will directly improve student behaviour.

The TOC Thinking and Behaviour skills course is already used by more than 200,000 teachers and over 8,000,000 students world-wide
, in 21 countries.

The TOC Thinking Skills for Children program
provides children and students with three unique visual thinking and behavior modification tools:

  • The Cloud Tool is a conflict resolution
    and problem solving tool to help children clarify issues, problems and conflicts.

  • The Target Tool helps students set goals, plan and achieve things
    they first thought were impossible, whether improving personal performance or a group project.

  • The Branch Tool helps children become more skilled at cause and effect logic
    and deriving answers, rather than just memorizing them.


The programme not only supports the school curriculum, but is an important contributor to each pupil's personal development and behaviour. Specifically the program helps children:

  • Compare and contrast situations, ideas and concepts
  • Collect relevant information and judge its value
  • Give reasons for their opinions and actions
  • Draw inferences and explain their own thinking
  • Make reasoned judgements and decisions
  • Define problems and look for innovative solutions
  • Plan projects and predict outcomes
  • Control and modify their own behaviour

Simple to use but highly effective, these thinking tools

will help improve achievement, behavior and communications.

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