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Level of TOC knowledge acquired:

Advanced, Intermediate and Introductory

Designed for:

Academics, Business owners, Consultants, Executives, Implementers, Leaders, Managers and Children


Holistic Implementation, Change Management/Buy-In, Decisive Competitive Edge (DCE), Distribution, Ever-flourishing, Finance and Measurements, Management Skills, Marketing, Ongoing Improvement, Operations/Production, Personal development, Project Management, Sales, Strategy and Tactics, Supply Chain, TOC, Lean & Six Sigma, Thinking Processes and Viable Vision


Buffer Management, Change Matrix, Critical Chain, Drum-Buffer-Rope, Five Focusing Steps, Make to availability, Pull System/Replenishment, Strategy & Tactic Tree, Thinking Processes, Throughput Accounting and Unrefusable Offers


Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Czech


Download and Online



The Complete TOC Learning Experience

The complete TOC Body of Knowledge is available in various learning resources such as books, videos, articles, papers, multimedia, already available in electronic format, to be reviewed either online or in download format. All of these resources are now available under the special and exclusive TOC VIP Membership
, which includes access to:

All TOC Videos (Online & Download) available on

The largest and most comprehensive source of Theory of Constraints (TOC) learning and training VIDEOS.

All TOC eBooks available on

Read from over 100 different TOC eBooks on Windows, Mac and iOS devices, anywhere anytime. Download and then read the eBooks whenever it\'s convenient for you.

Audiobooks of Eli Goldratt\'s Bestsellers

Listen to Eli Goldratt\'s Bestsellers on TOC Player, anytime you want, everywhere you want.

The TOC Insights downloadable and online version

Created by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Avraham (Rami) Goldratt, the TOC Insights are an extensive explanation of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) analysis and solution covering all the aspects of logistics, developed in an interactive type presentation for self-learning as well as group training.

The TOC Self Learning Program Downloadable version

This 8-session educational series is taught by Dr. Eli Goldratt. He shares his life\'s work revealing what to change and what to change to in areas like operations, finance, project management, engineering, distribution logistics, measurements, marketing, sales, management skills, and strategy.

Exclusive 10% discount on any purchase on

Receive a special 10% discount on any purchase of physical products on

Your TOC VIP Membership gives you:

  • Full access to TOC Conference videos available at
  • Access to the eBook (over 100 TOC eBooks) library available
  • Download the Audiobooks of Eli Goldratt\'s Bestsellers, The Goal, It\'s not luck and Critical Chain for TOC Player
  • Download of ALL 4 sessions of the TOC Insights
  • Download of ALL 8 sessions of the TOC Self Learning Program
  • Exclusive & original programs presented by Dr. Eli Goldratt, like the GSP (Satellite) Series, the Strategy and Tactic (Webcast) Series, TOC Upgrade Sessions, etc.
  • Premium videos such as The Goal Movie, The Gestalt of TOC, The TOC Insider Series and more.
  • Access to new learning resources available in electronic format either online or download for your personal development & training needs
  • Exclusive 10% discount on ALL PURCHASES at

The Advanced Search Function allows users to search and refine their search to quickly find what they are looking for, without spending valuable time navigating through hundreds of videos. Viewers can set their search criteria as a combination of any of the following:

Premium videos

TOC Application


Type of presentation





Over 300 different presenters

Level of Knowledge

What videos, E-Books and Audiobooks are included?

EVERYTHING! During your membership period, you will be able to view every video available on including all Premium Videos, up to 10 new E-Books for TOC Reader or Audiobooks for TOC Player per month on Windows, Mac and iOS devices, PLUS you will have web & downloadable access to the TOC Insights and the TOC Self Learning Program.

What is the biggest advantage of the TOC VIP Membership?

It is simple and easy. Your will have access to ALL Videos, ALL E-Books, TOC Insights and TOC SLP, ANYWHERE ANYTIME and with one single annual payment.

Are there any restrictions?

The access to the electronic learning resources is available during the membership period. You can decide to access them online or download (when available) to your computer and/or device for your personal use and convenience.

When can I sign up for this membership and is it renewable?

You can sign up for your TOC VIP Membership anytime as long as it is available. Once you have signed up, annual renewal is automatic and maintained. You can cancel renewal of your membership anytime at

Can I upgrade my current Membership to the comprehensive TOC VIP Membership?

Yes, you can upgrade your current membership any time. If you recently renewed for your Membership and you would like to upgrade your membership, please contact us. We will review your case and provide you with the best possible option.

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Terms and Conditions:

  • Your TOC VIP Membership provides you with Full Access to ANY video (Online & Download) available on during the subscription period, up to 10 new E-Books or Audiobooks per month, the Downloadable & Web Versions of the TOC Insights and TOC Self Learning Program. Your TOC VIP Membership starts at the moment the purchase has been successfully processed.
  • The membership purchase is a subscription with automatic renewal. The renewal can be cancelled at anytime. Certain restrictions apply. Special offers & promotional memberships may not be eligible for automatic renewal.
  • Once the membership starts, user may continue being a member for as many CONSECUTIVE periods as needed. Once the membership is cancelled, then the rate for a new membership subscription will be the rate available at that time.
  • A request for cancellation of renewal must be received 5 days before the membership subscription period ends. If a request for cancellation is received after the 5 days, it will be applied to the following period's renewal.
  • Viewing is unlimited within the membership subscription period for ONE concurrent access for the individual purchasing the membership.
  • Access to the different materials is given under each material's Terms and Conditions.
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