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Created by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Avraham (Rami) Goldratt, the TOC Insights are an extensive explanation of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) analysis and solution covering all the aspects of logistics, developed in an interactive type presentation for self-learning as well as group training.

They outline the details of all the logistical application of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and are as digestible as The Goal. They give us the entire common sense logic, they are short, enticing to TOC novices and still an eye opener to TOC experts.

These self-learning materials are also ideal for teaching groups since they contain examples, case studies and simulations and are organized to answer in sequence the five questions of change: Why to change? What needs to be changed? What to change it to? How to cause the required change? and How to keep it as a Process of Ongoing Improvement (POOGI)?

Note: The TOC Insights can be purchased by session or as a complete series. They are provided in different versions to fit the users’ needs. The TOC Insights are an excellent companion to the GSP Series or to the TOC Self Learning Program (TOC-SLP) making them a perfect complement to enrich the learning effectiveness.

Key Points:

  • Learn the details of Theory of Constraints (TOC) concepts and principles applied to operations, financial decisions, project management execution, distribution logistics.
  • Users are exposed through exercises and examples to the in-depth analysis and the corresponding TOC applications.
  • The TOC concepts and principles can be reviewed by individuals at their own speed, as they need, or can be presented to the various groups within the organization.
  • Clear and comprehensive learning resource can support the transfer of TOC knowledge in an academic environment.
  • Learning at their own speed and easily review the material, as needed.
  • Recommended to prepare for TOC certification
  • Developed in an interactive type presentation.

Session 1 - Operations - DBR, Buffer Management, Difference between Plant type A, type T and type I

This learning tool is an interactive presentation containing detailed knowledge for applying the Theory of Constraints into Operations. Includes examples, case studies and simulations. As shown by Alex Rogo in Dr. Eli Goldratt’s best selling book The Goal, you can transform operations to higher performance levels by changing to the throughout world mentality.

DBR and Buffer Management

Session 2 - Finance and Measurements - T, I & OE, Throughput Accounting, Five Focusing Steps, Make vs. Buy, Investment decisions

Learn the significant impact of using Throughput Accounting on judging the system as a whole, profit centers, investment on equipment, make/buy alternatives, and product/service profit.

DBR and Buffer Management

Session 3 - Project Management and Engineering - Critical Chain (CCPM), Project Buffer, Feeding Buffers, Staggering

Learn the significant impact of using Critical Chain Buffer Management and its approach to deal with dependency, variability, multitasking and staggering to significantly improve execution performance results in project based environments.

DBR and Buffer Management

Session 4 - Distribution and Supply Chain - Pull System and Replenishment, TDD and IDD performance measurements

Learn and understand the Pull System and Replenishment approach to manage and measure the supply chain and distribution system of any organization.

DBR and Buffer Management

The TOC Insights must be downloaded and installed first. The internet connection is required only for download and the initial installation. Once the program has been installed, the internet connection is no longer required.

Access keys

You must have an ACCESS KEY to register and install each TOC Insights.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows (Only the Downloadable and Client-Server versions)
  • 32 MB of RAM minimum
  • Internet connection
  • Adobe Flash player

Notes to download:

  • Each TOC Insight is a separate downloadable file.
  • You may download the TOC Insights as many times as you want.
  • The program is zipped. You should use an Unzip utility to extract the program.

Notes to install:

  • The downloadable version can be installed in two different computers by you.
    Please click here to review the license agreement for these products.
  • An internet connection is required only for initial registration/installation and future un-installation.
  • You must have an ACCESS KEY to register and install each TOC Insights.
  • Additional installations or upgrades may be subject to additional charges.

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Select the version that most fits your needs:

Downloadable Version - the downloadable version of TOC Insights allows you to download the files onto up to two computers (Windows) for your personal use and viewing for unlimited time.

Apple iOS - download and view the TOC Insights on your Apple devices including the iPhone iPad (install on up to 5 devices)

Client-Server Application - allows users to access the TOC Insights through a Local Area Network. The TOC Insights will reside on a local server and a "client" (user) will be able to access the session(s). Each client computer requires one non-concurrent license per TOC Insights session. The Client Server Application starts with 10 licenses for one session or for each of the 4 sessions. An unlimited number of licenses can be made available.

If you are an Academic who is part of a formal educational institution, you are welcome to participate in our Academic Program which allows the Professor/University to teach students about the Theory of Constraints (TOC) using any of the following materials:

  • The Goal movie
  • TOC Insights
  • TOC Self Learning Programs/GSP Series

Our Academic Program offers the Professor/University an opportunity to incorporate TOC Materials, such as the The Goal movie, TOC Insights, TOC Self Learning Programs, and GSP Series, into the course curriculum in order to provide a base of knowledge about the Theory of Constraints, and/or to include cases studies and video presentations from in order to show specific examples of how TOC has been implemented.

Interested parties will enter an Academic License Agreement which grants the non-exclusive, nontransferable rights to utilize the material in their course(s) provided that the Academic Licensee requires each student to purchase the material as part of the required course material. Students will pay a special Academic price which is significantly reduced from the list price and is as affordable as any other required text.

Participating Professors will receive his/her own copy of the TOC materials and is granted access to and use of such materials at no cost for as long as the Academic Program is active.

The benefits of participating in an Academic programs are huge. There is no monetary investment for the Professor/University. The Professor will have access to learning material which supports their course and expands their own personal knowledge of TOC. The students will be learning about TOC with materials that provide detailed knowledge and support and deepen their understanding.

In any case, if the above is not right for your Academic needs, there are Academic discounts available for any of the above materials.

Please CONTACT US for more information on the Academic programs and/or discounts.