TOC Insights into Project Management and Engineering

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Rami Goldratt


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Project Management


Buffer Management and Critical Chain


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This easy-to-follow resource shows managers how to shorten project delivery time, eliminate cost and scheduling over-runs, manage project resources more efficiently and finish projects that meet or exceed expectations.

Projects, like operations, involve many resources which have to carry out many tasks in order to accomplish pre-determined end results. Projects (especially in multi-project environments) have characteristics which drastically differentiate them from production. Learn how projects can finish ahead of time, within the allotted budget and without compromising on the content.

Critical Chain - the longest chain of dependent events considering resource contention.

Project Buffer - aggregated protection against uncertainty to protect project completion due date.

Feeding Buffers - aggregated protection against uncertainty to protect the critical chain.

Staggering - the mechanism to significantly reduce bad multitasking in multi-project environments.

Buffer Management - a process for monitoring and prioritizing according to the critical chain performance.

Key Points:

  • An extensive explanation of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) application of Critical Chain Project Management execution (CCPM) for PROJECT BASED environments.
  • With simple & common sense procedures Project Managers and their teams will learn the significant impact of student syndrome, parkinson’s law, multitasking, resource contention, early start vs. late start, to benefit from Goldratt's techniques of how
  • Learn at your own speed and easily review any of the material, as you need!
  • Developed in an interactive type presentation for self-learning as well as group training, they provide the know-how of “what to change?” and “what to change to?”


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