Goldratt Satellite Program - GSP Series

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt



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Complete Series (8 sessions): 24 hours. Individual Sessions: about 3 hours each

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Executives, Managers and Consultants


Holistic Implementation and Ongoing Improvement


English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional and Japanese


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Considered a masterpiece, this 8-session educational series is taught by Dr. Eli Goldratt. He shares his life´s work revealing what to change and what to change to in areas like operations, finance, project management, engineering, distribution, measurements, marketing, sales, management skills, and strategy.

The complete series provides the most comprehensive and holistic perspective of TOC, by presenting the concepts & examples for all applications.

The 8 sessions can be purchased by session or as a complete set. Each session is on a DVD and includes the Q&A recorded during the live presentation, plus a downloadable notebook that can be given to every viewer.

Includes the Q&A segments.


This program is designed as an educational tool for those interested in ...

  • exposing the TOC concepts and principles to various groups within the organization.
  • showing an in-depth analysis and the corresponding TOC solution for every functional area.
  • sharing knowledge that can be put to work right away to significantly increase performance of the teams.
  • getting consensus from different stakeholders for simple solutions that bring immediate results.
  • having a comprehensive and holistic learning resource to add to the development library.
  • using resources that will support the transfer of TOC knowledge in an academic environment.


Goldratt Satellite Program
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简体中文, English, Español, Русский, 繁體中文

1 - GSP on Operations - DBR and Buffer Management

The key to replicate Alex Rogo's achievements described in The Goal, lies in the ability to transform production from the cost-world mentality into the throughput-world mentality procedures: the Drum-Buffer-Rope (the logistics) and Buffer Management (the control).

Length: 2 hours 43 minutes

DBR and Buffer Management


2 - GSP on Finance and Measurements - T, I & OE and Throughput Accounting

Cost-accounting based measurements are devastating to the shop floor, marketing, sales and especially engineering. How to bridge the gap between the bottom line measurements (the P&L and the Balance Sheet) and the local measurements (efficiencies, pay-back period, product cost, etc.)?

Length: 2 hours 42 minutes

T, I & OE and Throughput Accounting


3 - GSP on Project Management and Engineering - Critical Chain (CCPM) and Product Development

Projects (especially in multi-project environments) have characteristics which drastically differentiate them from production. Still, we can finish projects ahead of time, within the allotted budget and without compromising on the content.

Length: 2 hours 42 minutes

Critical Chain (CCPM) and Product Development


4 - GSP on Distribution and Supply Chain - Pull System and Replenishment

Most companies realize that as long as the end consumer has not bought, nobody has sold. The biggest clot in the supply chain - the majority of the inventories - are usually found in the distribution stage. If a company wants to prosper the distribution link has to drastically improve its performance.

Length: 2 hours 43 minutes

Pull System and Replenishment


5 - GSP on Marketing - Unrefusable Offers and Market Segmentation

Marketing should not be confused with sales nor with advertising. Marketing is the ability of the company to bring the market to want its products. In other words, the ability to create a competitive edge. Rarely can a company devise effective marketing without the involvement and contribution of managers from all functions.

Length: 2 hours 43 minutes

Unrefusable Offers and Market Segmentation


6 - GSP on Sales and Buy-in - Overcoming Resistance and Handling Reservations

Not just the sales people but every manager in every company is required to sell; to sell their products, their suggestions and decisions, to clients, bosses or their own people. Is there an effective, systematic way to sell; to overcome resistance to change?

Length: 2 hours 43 minutes

Overcoming Resistance and Handling Reservations


7 - GSP on Managing People - Communication and Team Building

The essential topics required to manage people are well known: conflict resolution, empowerment and team building. What is not well-known is that the TOC logical approach to derive solutions for the more "tangible" topics is equally effective at providing powerful methods to manage people. In this session Dr. Goldratt reveals the important know-how for managing people the TOC Way.

Length: 2 hours 41 minutes

Communication and Team Building


8 - GSP on Strategy and Tactics - Immunizing the Future of your Company

The objective of any company is to implement an effective and lasting Process Of OnGoing Improvement. Unfortunately, after the initial thrust most improvement efforts stagnate. This program molds the TOC know-how into a clear, over-all strategy backed up by detailed tactics, so that the rate of improvement continues to grow over time.

Length: 2 hours 16 minutes

Immunizing the Future of your Company

Download the Viewer Notebook:

The viewer notebook is available for users to aid the learning process when using the GSP Series

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  • The 8 sessions can be purchased by session or as a complete set. Each session includes a downloadable notebook. The complete DVD set includes one DVD per session.
  • By buying this product you are bound to its usage license agreement
  • For individual usage and viewing please consider purchasing the TOC-SLP.

If you are an Academic who is part of a formal educational institution, you are welcome to participate in our Academic Program which allows the Professor/University to teach students about the Theory of Constraints (TOC) using any of the following materials:

  • The Goal movie
  • TOC Insights
  • TOC Self Learning Programs/GSP Series

Our Academic Program offers the Professor/University an opportunity to incorporate TOC Materials, such as the The Goal movie, TOC Insights, TOC Self Learning Programs, and GSP Series, into the course curriculum in order to provide a base of knowledge about the Theory of Constraints, and/or to include cases studies and video presentations from in order to show specific examples of how TOC has been implemented.

Interested parties will enter an Academic License Agreement which grants the non-exclusive, nontransferable rights to utilize the material in their course(s) provided that the Academic Licensee requires each student to purchase the material as part of the required course material. Students will pay a special Academic price which is significantly reduced from the list price and is as affordable as any other required text.

Participating Professors will receive his/her own copy of the TOC materials and is granted access to and use of such materials at no cost for as long as the Academic Program is active.

The benefits of participating in an Academic programs are huge. There is no monetary investment for the Professor/University. The Professor will have access to learning material which supports their course and expands their own personal knowledge of TOC. The students will be learning about TOC with materials that provide detailed knowledge and support and deepen their understanding.

In any case, if the above is not right for your Academic needs, there are Academic discounts available for any of the above materials.

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