Goldratt and the Theory of Constraints: The Quantum Leap in Management

Uwe Techt



Level of TOC knowledge acquired:


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Academics, Business owners, Executives, Leaders, Managers and Students


Change Management/Buy-In, Ongoing Improvement and Viable Vision


Buffer Management, Critical Chain, Drum-Buffer-Rope, Pull System/Replenishment, Throughput Accounting and Unrefusable Offers







Businessmen and managers, consultancy clients, readers of the Goldratt novels, and workshop attendees often ask: What is this Theory of Constraints? How can it benefit me? How is it different from other management theories? Is there something I can read to quickly understand its fundamentals? This book is an answer to these questions. Using engaging language and offering many real-life examples, it provides an overview of the methods and tools of the Theory of Constraints: Drum-Buffer-Rope, Buffer Management, Throughput Accounting, Pull Distribution, Irresistible Offer, Corporate Strategy, and Viable Vision. You will learn how to recognize and use constraints, how to complete projects quickly and reliably, and how to gain a competitive lead and to turn it into profit.

  • What are the goals of the ToC?
  • What are my business targets?
  • Earning money—what exactly does it mean?
  • What keeps us from earning money?
  • We are not producing enough!
  • What about finances?
  • What lies behind the constraint?
  • Our stock levels are too high … and often too low!
  • Our projects are taking too long!
  • How can projects become even faster?
  • Our clients aren't queuing for our products
  • How can I convince everyone else?
  • So is ToC a corporate strategy?
  • Looking ahead