It´s Not Luck (audiobook)

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt



Level of TOC knowledge acquired:



8.5 hours

Designed for:

Academics, Business owners, Consultants, Executives, Implementers, Leaders and Managers


Decisive Competitive Edge (DCE), Distribution, Marketing and Sales


Evaporating Cloud, Future Reality Tree / Negative Branch, Market Segmentation and Pricing and Thinking Processes




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It's Not Luck does for Sales what The Goal does for Manufacturing

Learn more about the powerful techniques first presented in the bestselling book, The Goal. Using the unique business-novel format, It’s Not Luck continues the story of The Goal protagonist Alex Rogo as he navigates a new set of challenges facing the now over-diversified and under-profitable UniCo, where he has risen to the rank of division manager.

With an engaging voice and dynamic plot, Goldratt shows how to apply the Theory of Constraints (TOC) to achieve ongoing improvement in sales and marketing, inventory control, and distribution. In addition, he introduces the Thinking Process techniques for successful conflict resolution on both a business and a personal level.

Learning Points:

  • It examines different value perceptions of the market.
  • Utilizing excess capacity to serve seemingly unprofitable market segments.
  • How to break down barriers to achieve new avenues to profitability
  • Brief introduction to the Thinking Processes, which are used to examine conflicting logical arguments, and develop a workable solution, satisfactory to both sides
  • How to apply TOC to inventory control, and production distribution.
  • "While The Goal got me excited about a new way of business thinking, It's Not Luck provides much more detail on the actual Thinking Processes, which you can use in any facet of life."

  • "This is weightier than The Goal and more oriented to full P&L management embracing all the operational principals from The Goal and building upon it. "

  • "It's Not Luck is the 'how" behind the 'why' described in The Goal. "

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