N&S Series - 2. The Basic Assumptions of TOC

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt



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20 min.

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Academics, Consultants, Executives, Managers and Students


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This presentation provides a look into reality based on the common sense approach of the hard sciences as the foundation of the Theory of Constraints.

Dr. Goldratt demonstrates that complex systems and conflicts are a result of our perception of reality and that by changing that perception, solutions of an order of magnitude can be attained.

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This session, as well as the complete N&S Series, is designed for those who...

  • Want to understand the foundation of Theory of Constraints (TOC), directly from Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, developer of TOC, and see how complex system has an inherent simplicity, and that any negative situation is a result of a set of beliefs that can be exposed and challenge to find a solution
  • Have just heard about the TOC and want a concise and practical explanation about "what is the Theory of Constraints (TOC)?"
  • Read The Goal, Critical Chain or any other TOC book, and want to learn how the concepts presented are applied to different areas of an organization: production, project management, distribution, measurements, information systems and technology
  • Are struggling and questioning the implementation of information systems such as ERP and want to know why and what can be done
  • Need a concise introductory level resource for self-study, training or buy-in. - Are looking for an overview of the TOC applications
  • Simplicity: TOC is an extension of hard sciences
  • Definition of complexity
  • 1st fundamental belief: there are no complex systems in reality

  • Applied to current reality

  • Definition of a Problem

  • 2nd fundamental belief: there are no conflicts in reality

  • Proof

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