N&S Series - 4. A Look into the Rules of Project Management

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt



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26 min.

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Academics, Consultants, Executives, Managers, Project Managers and Students


Project Management


Critical Chain




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Finishing projects ahead of time, within the allotted budget, and without compromising the content

Project Management can be applied to a vast diversity of cases. Dr. Goldratt challenges the prevailing beliefs (local optima rules) imbedded in project management and execution, like the wrong assumption that in order to finish a project on time, each task must finish on time. Goldratt provides a clear understanding of what to do by introducing the Theory of Constraints concepts of Critical Chain.

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This session, as well as the complete N&S Series, is designed for those who...

  • Want to understand the application of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) to Project Management execution, directly from Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, developer of TOC, and how he shares the policies and rules that cause projects not to finish on time, within the allotted budget and always compromising on the content, and shows the alternative to resolve these.
  • Have just heard about the TOC and want a concise and practical explanation about "what is the Theory of Constraints (TOC)?
  • Read The Goal, Critical Chain or any other TOC book, and want to learn how the concepts presented are applied to different areas of an organization: production, project management, distribution, measurements, information systems and technology
  • Need a concise introductory level resource for self-study, training or buy-in
  • Are looking for an overview of the TOC applications
  • What is a project?

  • Complaints of projects?

  • Prevailing rule of project management

  • What it means to be considered as Reliable

  • The way to break the cloud

  • Conclusions

  • What to do? ~ the NEW Rules

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