N&S Series - 7. The Role of Software

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt



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36 min.

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Academics, Consultants, Executives, Managers and Students






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A look at the current reality and future direction for software providers and integrators.

The rules have changed. Proof that in order to survive, software providers and integrators must collaborate to change the bureaucracy of the computer systems to fit with the new rules and bring customers fast and significant bottom line improvements.

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This session, as well as the complete N&S Series, is designed for those who...

  • Have just heard about the TOC and want a concise and practical explanation about "what is the Theory of Constraints (TOC)?
  • Read The Goal, Critical Chain or any other TOC book, and want to learn how the concepts presented are applied to different areas of an organization: production, project management, distribution, measurements, information systems and technology
  • Need a concise introductory level resource for self-study, training or buy-in
  • Are struggling and questioning the implementation of information systems such as ERP and want to know why and what can be done.

The bureaucracy of the organization

  • Trying to bypass the bureaucracy
  • Convincing software companies and integrators to colaborate
  • Creating a change - The pot of gold and the alligator

The conflicts of the software and integrator companies

  • The objective: Maintaining the growth rate
  • Add more features and options or not?
  • Release a complete and thoroughly checked package or not?

The core conflict

  • Explaining the conflict
  • Highlighting the assumptions
  • What's the way out? Solving the conflict

How to cause the change in the software companies? Necessary but not Sufficient

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